Entertaining Ideas for Summer Garden Party Decorations

Summer is the perfect time to plan out summer garden parties for your family and friends. The sunny and bright sun will shine on you all day long, just be sure to choose a day with a normal temperature unless you plan on getting unwanted tan lines.

Even though it can get hotter during the day time, it is also the time you will have a lot of fun and enjoy the sun.

There are plenty of summer garden party ideas that you can look in. it all depends on the theme of the party that you’re planning for and the guests you will inviting over.

If you have a free space in the backyard and a garden, setting up an entertaining event will not be hard. Lucky for you because we’ve done that part for you and rounded some of the best summer garden party ideas with pictures below.

These designs will inspire you and help you plan an unforgettable party that your family and friends will remember forever. Check them out and start planning your summer party entertainment right away.

A Cute and Simple Pallet Theme

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Arranging pallets in a way that it creates a comfortable sitting area for the guests plus looks great to the eyes is a great party idea that you can try. It is also very budget and eco-friendly Add flowers and scented candles too and give your summer garden party the perfect vibe.

Movie Theme Garden Party

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Another great way to spend entertaining summer evenings is setting up a cinema themed garden party for few close friends. All you need is a few comfy cushions, sheet and a good old projector.

Boho Theme Fun Tent Party

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Arranging colorful tents with multi-printed sheets, cushions and rugs will create the perfect little space for your loved ones to gather and spend quality time together. You can add candles for more warmth in the environment.

Once you’ve decided the kind of party you will be throwing next come the summer garden party decorations. Let’s discuss these summer garden decorations below shall we?

Floating Candles

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Floating candles with flower petals will keep your garden smelling fresh all day long.

Hanging Fire lights

hanging light jars for summer garden party decors

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Totally DIY fairy lights will add the perfect touch of elegance to your summer party.

Memorable Photographs

graduation memories photos display for summer garden party decorations

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If you’re planning an ultra-special garden party like maybe a graduation party, you add a photograph rack of moments you want to be remembered by the friends around you.

Now let’s talk about the real reason people come to the party. The summer garden party food! Ponder over the tasty summer garden party food ideas and decide the menu for your next outdoor event.

Fruit Blast

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Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the delicious fruits that come with the season. You can easily cut up fruits into slices and cubes and serve them to the guests.

Refreshing Cocktails and Mojitos

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Prepare fresh juices and cocktails and place them in a glass cooler for the guests to enjoy a sip of cool and refreshment whenever they like.

Hummus Platter

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Adults or kids, everybody enjoys a hummus platter. You can decide your favorite from the different varieties of hummus platter and pick the best one for your summer garden party to beat the heat.

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