25 Cool Summer Tattoo Ideas for Men & Women

Summer season is the best time of the year for socializing, wearing skimpy clothes and showing off your tattoo. Every season has its own joy while in summer you want something new to show off your body. Summer tattoo is the coolest idea to garnish yourself with fantastic designs with minimal care and worry. For others it might be just modification done by ink but for you their significance goes deeper as that body art is your individual self-expression that tells a lot about wearer (you).

Among tattoo enthusiasts there are plenty of people who decide this creative way to express their love for summer. These summer tattoos refresh your memory of warm weather, memories, sunshine and awkward tan lines whenever you notice it.

‘Summer, the season of joy!’

‘Your body is yours to deal with as you see fit’

Summer are not only about bikini and flip flops and beaching it is yet incomplete without a tattoo. In summer when you’re relaxing on the beach and enjoying the waves and sunbathing the tattoos on your body enhances your beauty and gives you an attractive look. You feel high self-esteem because they make you look unique and likely to get another tattoo in future.

Tattoo for Summer improve the appearance of your body and boost confidence. Summer tattoos ideas are an interesting addition to your body while on streets in summer but what matters is how tattoo look like. It should be meaningful according to inspired summer tattoo theme. Even though many artist recommend a simple and bold design in black outline goes a long way. Furthermore, Black shading adds depth and allows the artist to fit the design within the body’s contours.

Summer tattoos designs comes in all sizes and shapes; these can be worn by any age group not only specified to teenagers even though people in their fifties and sixties are getting tattooed. The designs often featured are your favorite summer slippers, juice or soft drink a cute tattoo to show your love for juices in summer, water melon which is the most wanted and liked fruit of summer, ice-cream with some funky ink, sun, beach a peaceful place to spend your whole summer, palm tree, swimming logo as it can be your favorite sports in summer, seashells and so.

Meanwhile it’s quite challenging time to take care of your tattoo due to sun exposure and excessive sweating. So if you’re getting a tattoo in summer then you need to be careful about particular things:

  • After getting a tattoo stay off the beach for at least two weeks, unless you want to risk a nasty infection, or like getting your wounds sandpapered.
  • Before you step out in sun, be conscious of sun make sure you cover it with sunscreen.
  • Keep your tattoo moisturized so that they don’t dry out quickly.
  • Cover your tattoo with some light type of clothing so that mosquitos don’t get to it.

Before this summer ends make your beach trips looming more memorable to help you in this we have collected some of best summer tattoo designs and ideas for you to slay in summer. The season of sun rays might not seem perfect to get tattooed but these amazing designs will blow your mind. Please take a look and decide to get which tattoo inked.

Beach Illustration

beach illustration tattoo on forearm

image credit

Beach tattoo still remains one of the most common designs for men and women, especially in summer.

 Seashell Outlined

seashell tattoo ideas for summer on back ankle

image credit

Cone Ice-cream Ship Design

cone icecream ship tattoo design ideas on forearm

image credit

Sun and Moon Design

sun and moon tattoo design on ribs

image credit

Sun and Moon tattoo are one of the trending iconic design which is worn by both men and women around the world. It is the symbol of rise and shine which represent light and truth.

Flip Flop Sunset Beach

flip flop sunset beachin tattoo on feet

image credit

Flip flop tattoo is one of the beautiful and cutest way to express your love for summer.

Water Melon

water melon tattoo on side ankle

image credit

Few things are pleasurable such as biting the watermelon slice in summer.

Swimming Drawing

swimming women tattoo drawing

image credit

Sea Wave

sea waves tattoo on chest

image credit

Palm Tree

palm tree tattoo on back ankle

image credit

Palm tree symbolizes peaceful vibes.

Lemonade Cocktail

lemonade cocktail tattoo

image credit

Ice Cream Cone

ice-cream cone galaxy tattoo

image credit

Licking an ice-cream cone is the best part about summer.

Summer Sunglasses

3d summer sunglasses tattoo for men

image credit

Black Birds

blackbirds tattoo on feet

image credit

Surfboard Beach Design


image credit

This summer themed tattoo brightens your day every single time when you notice it. This tattoo is perfect for surfers.

Sun Hat Tattoo

sun hat tattoo on back hand

image credit

Beach and Swing Picture

beach and rope swing tattoo picture

image credit

Swing Life Away

beach palm trees swing tattoo with quote on side for men

image credit

Summer Sunset on Beach Picture Frame

colorful summer sunset on beach frame picture tattoo on shoulder for women

image credit


cute 3d star fish tattoo on feet

image credit

Mango Tattoo with Quote


image credit

Melting Ice Cube

melting ice cube tattoo on wrist

image credit

This summer themed melting ice cube tattoo is a reminder to live your life as cool as ice.

Ice-Cube Tattoo

black ink ice cube tattoo on wrist

image credit

Ice Lolly

ice lolly tattoo ideas for summer

image credit

Sea Turtle

sea turtle tattoo on back shoulder

image credit


coconut tattoo on wrist

image credit

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