Tablet PC IPad Mini Release in November 2012 Rumors

Earlier we did a post on Tablet PC IPad Mini Expected to Release in October 2012, which was not as clear as with the release of iPhone 5 in September and now it is more evident to be released in November 2012. According to the speculations on the net Apple will be doing a presentation scheduled on October 17.

Apple has surprised everyone with the release of iPhone 5 and several new products in the market, it was expected that Tablet PC iPad Mini will also be released in no time now but the company haven’t commented on the topic, however the possible rumors about the release date for Tablet have leaked on the web with the images on some of the major networks.

As we still have to wait for the official date of release by Apple, we have collected some details from various influential publications of iPad Mini that you can count on.

Specifications of Tablet PC iPad Mini:

  • 7.85 inch Screen with same thickness as iPhone 4.
  • 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.
  • Lightning Jack same as in iPhone 5.

The price range for sale will be from $249 to $349 with several versions with different amounts of memory and more expensive models will support LTE, if all the analytics are correct– Apple will be competing with low-cost Android-Based Tablets e.g., the most popular is Amazon Kindle Fire with cost $199, Google Nexus 7 with cost from $199 for 8GB internal memory and $249 with 16GB.

With all these unofficial news, we will keep you updating in future as there will be more images, details and an official design of the product will come in the market place.

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