The Best 7 Video Codecs for Windows

While Windows is able to play most digital music and video files, it could run it a file format which it may not be able to play, or you may need to run and older Windows version to be able to play. At this moment, you may need to go ahead and install the correct codec required.

There is indeed a whole lot of different audio and video formats available these days, therefore for one to install a media codec pack may actually be the right thing to do. These codec packs help save time that could be spent looking for an actual codec on the internet.

Irrespective of what audiovisual tool one uses, having the right codecs installed on your system is very key to be able to play a varied range of different file formats. The below list of media codec packs lists a few of the best free available codec collections for your Windows device.

K-Lite Codec Pack

This is compatible with various Windows upgrades available so far and is regarded as a very popular code collection for a lot of reasons. Its interface is quite user-friendly and that ensures installation is easy as it contains an impressive number of codecs which are regularly updated.

There are basically four versions available for download depending on your computing requirements. These include the K-lite Codec Pack Basic which is a basic version that includes only the essential codecs and is great when one wants only the basic codecs so as to save space on your hard drive.

There is also the K-lite Codec Pack Standard which is arguably the best option for average users as it contains almost everything as the Basic package with the exception of additional codecs for playing various video formats.

k-light codec

The K-Lite Codec Pack Full and Mega are the higher variations of the aforementioned and includes everything the Standard Pack offers and much more. In fact, the Mega pack includes tools for being able to create your own encoded audio and video files along with everything within the Full Pack.

X Codec Pack

This is a full-featured compilation which ensures you have a version of Windows and proper support for almost all downloaded video and audio files. X Codec Pack also comes with the popular Media Player Classic tool just like other codec packs including the K-Lite Codec Pack. The downside with the X Codec Pack is that it is not downloaded regularly like its competitors and peers.

This, however, does not mean that it does not come with an impressive collection of codecs, splitters and filters to playback a wide selection of media file formats.

Media Player Video Codec Pack

This pack works well for the intermediate to average or heavy user. The codecs are able to support any file type or even compression for audio or video files. It can even support 4k audio and video streaming opportunities.

It comes in two different packages for easy or expert installation. The easy installation option ensures users have the basic package while the expert installation option comes with advanced features for heavy users. The Media Player Codec Pack also offers the best video format and size.

media player codec

VLC Media Player

Quite succinctly put, this is the simplest but yet free media player available offering the option to be able to play most media formats. It is quite stable and flexible, with its lightweight nature, in comparison to most media players that play most unusual file formats another major highlight.

The VLC Media Player is able to playback formats from FLV to RMVB files, and provided multithreaded decoding for WebM, MPEG-4/XVid and H.264 while also being able to play Bluray and HD. The VLC Medicals ia Player can also be used to preview files being downloaded as the tool is able to play incomplete parts from video files while also offering superb integration with various video channel streaming services.

With all these amazing functions, the VLC Media Player is indeed a suitable video player although it does fall short somewhat of what K-Lite Codec Pack offers.

vlc media player

This is also made possible by the large variety of codecs it comes with.

Shark007 Video Codec Pack

This Codec Pack presents you with two very excellent options for you to enjoy playing your media files with free download as well as installation. These include the Standard and Advanced Codec Packs with the standard codec pack containing VS filters for the display subtitles.

The advanced Codec pack does have a long list of codec pack which it supports including MPC, MKV, OGG, OFR, OGM, FLV. The Shark007 Video Codec Pack has the advantage over the K-Lite Codec Pack as 10 different users are able to create their own separate accounts along with customized configurations as the UAC rules support.

Windows Codec Installation Package

This codec pack was designed for older Windows versions and for administration/enterprise requirements as well as applications as long as you use the in-built Windows Media Player.

As long as one is in the category of such users, you will appreciate knowing the fact that this Codec Pack will ensure you are able to play most of the file formats available around these days.

Media Player Codec Pack

This codec pack is quite easy to install and adds a number of codecs for Windows including such audio and video codecs such as MP4, XVid, DVD and so much more. Its convenience of use level is also a bit higher than what the K-Lite Codec Pack offers.

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