Tips For Accessing The Internet While Traveling

Most people have often complained of slow and unreliable and insecure internet while traveling at large. You will feel endless just waiting for pages to load and apps to respond. You won’t imagine spending all your traveling time looking at a blank screen rather than enjoying beautiful screen environments at large. So that you will enjoy internet access in the best manner possible without much worry about security during the traveling times, here are helpful tips you should use;

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To ensure you run a connection securely, here are tips that are incorporated;

Avoid using apps

If you try to compare browser security to that of an app, you will find that app security is actually of less stringent. There are other popular app brands like that of Paypal; these are much secure. But then, you need to avoid entering sensitive information to apps of brands of non-popular firms. This can be of importance to those using the same password to open different websites.

Ensure you switch off sharing of files

This will help you be sure that your files are secure. To most people out there, when using PCs on a specified home network, you freely share different folders with a friend, siblings, and other family members. This is right, but then you need to ensure you all time turn off everything wherever you want to connect to a public Wi-Fi. The consequences of forgetting to do this are that every part of your details can be accessed freely by any person who might be connecting to this particular public Wi-Fi. You can also use avast antivirus to ensure that you get into only secure sites, it’s free at

Use most of free Wi-Fi

These days, there seems to have an increase worldwide in the number of Wi-Fi free hotspots. These are usually located in different public areas like, for instance, at the cafes, fast food restaurants, at the train stations, and the parks. The hotspots will help you have an internet connection right from the tablets, smartphones, and computers. You can sit down to enjoy something like a coffee break as you look at notifications at your emails.

Usage of pay Wi-Fi hotspots

Out there, you will come across different pay Wi-Fi hotspots at large; this is more especially at the campgrounds and hotels. You will find that in some accommodation places, these internet hotspots are available in areas that are well defined, like at the main lobby. It can be frustrating a lot spending a whole night in a particular hotel without any internet connection in place; these places you should get prepared to surf the internet using your paid packages throughout the night.

If, for instance, your kids are using their smartphones or tablets to chat over platforms like Instagram and Facebook, you need to travel along with you a travel router so that you will use different devices without necessarily paying all times.

Relax at an internet café

You might be in an area with no wireless networks, or in some cases, you don’t have a laptop. In this case, you should run to the nearest internet café. You might find one of these anywhere, but then cybercafés are relied upon by many people in developed countries to have internet access. In cases where connection to the internet is slow, there is a need you be extra patient to connect through. Something you should pay extra attention to is safety at large. After you leave any public computer, you need to ensure you sign out from all personal accounts.

Have a USB 3G stick

There are times you might need the internet, but you lack a hotspot at where you are at that particular time. This is the reason other travelers prefer using their cell/smartphones little times to reach a specific connection, and they end up paying huge bills for it. To avoid such instances, before you leave, you need to disable data usage at all. Then go ahead a step to purchase a prepaid USB 3G stick once you arrive there. In the selection process of a particular package plan, you need to ensure that you check its period of validity and its allowances at large. To use your purchased data bundles, you need to plug in a USB 3G stick to your device and start on.

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