Tips for purchasing a Cubic Zirconia Ring

Cubic Zirconia stones look like diamonds but with a more affordable price.  They have the brilliance and clarity of the most expensive diamonds and can appear identical to a diamond to the untrained eye!  So what should you look for while shopping for that perfect ring?

Cut and Shape

Cubic Zirconia rings can be cut the same way as diamonds. A diamond cut for example is a style used when shaping a stone for polishing. Cut refer s to the symmetry and polish of the stone which greatly impacts its brilliance.  If it is cut poorly, it will be less luminous.  You can choose from shapes such as the princess, emerald, heart or oval to name a few.


The setting for your beautiful new cubic zirconia ring is what holds the stone in place.  The setting can be made from gold, silver or platinum. You can choose from a solitaire setting which has no other stones, just the one stone to the anniversary style setting with three stones.  The ring setting technique could be a prong setting with four to six prongs that hold the stone in place.  A prong setting holds the stone up a little higher allowing the most light to be reflected when it hits the stone. This creates a maximum of sparkle!  Other choices could include an invisible or Bezel style setting.  Whichever you choose just do a little research ahead of time to find your style and price range.


Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia can be manufactured in a variety of colors from clear to pink, red, blue and brown.  Remember to avoid any stone that looks cloudy or the colors appear dull.


Although cubic zirconia is very affordable, avoid purchasing a cheap stone or ring.  Remember you get what you pay for.  The grading scale for cubic zirconia is from AAAAA being the highest rating to A the lowest.


Cubic zirconia can be coated with DLC, a diamond like carbon that will help give the stone more sparkle.  This coating also helps give the cubic zirconia stone to be harder so it will be more resistant to chips and scratching.

Cubic Zirconia has become one of today‚Äôs popular choices for jewelry of all types.  It is used in rings, bracelets, earrings and any other piece of jewelry that would use diamonds.  There are a number of companies that sell cubic Zirconia jewelry exclusively that give you many beautiful choices! Finding the right supplier, like crown wedding rings, is the best way for a person to get exactly what they want.

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