Top 10 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World

The world is filled with nature and beauty. God created the world and made it delightful for the eyes to see. Every part of the world holds beauty because of the nature it is surrounded with and the creatures which are a part of it.  And among these wonderful creatures of nature are the butterflies.

Butterflies belong to the insect family of the animal kingdom. But unlike other insects, which normally people find very disgusting and irritating, butterflies are loved by all. The reason for that can be their astonishing and colorful wings that can make anyone say “that it’s the prettiest butterfly they’ve ever seen!”

Butterflies come in different sizes. Some can be small having a wing span of o.5 to o.75 inches and is found in the United States of America, while others can be large with wingspan of 12 inches!

The most colorful butterflies in the world can be found in Mexico and Hawaii but have you ever wondered ‘how many beautiful types of butterflies are there?’ and ‘what is the most beautiful butterfly in the world?’ Well to find out more about butterflies keep reading about the top 10 most beautiful butterflies in the world and take a look at the beautiful butterfly pics below.

1. Gossamer-Winged Blue and White Butterfly


image credit

Perfect shade of blues on white background can easily make this butterfly be called the most beautiful butterfly but there are more in the list.

2. Blue and Black Swallow Tail Butterfly

blue and black swallow tail butterfly

image credit

This is another one of the most beautiful butterfly that you might see, it is also happens to be a very common one. The difference of wings from the other butterflies can be easily spotted.

3. Peacock Pansy Butterfly

peacock pansy butterfly

image credit

It would be fair to say that this butterfly can be the world’s most beautiful butterfly for peacock lovers! The perfect combination of green, blue, yellow and the black corners is giving the butterfly the perfect peacock look.

4. Pale Colored Copper Butterfly

pale colored copper butterfly

image credit

Nature never fails to surprise us by showing the prettiest butterfly ever. The mixture of pinks and blues is almost unbelievable!

5. Heliconius Grey with Neon Orange Butterfly

heliconius grey with neon orange

image credit

Although there is nothing extraordinary about this butterfly, we still want to include it in the list because of how cute it is because of the rounded wings.

6. Yellow Black Admiral Classic Butterfly

image credit

Nothing beats a classic yellow and black butterfly, flying over the gardens.

7. Gulf Fritillary Butterfly

gulf fritillary butterfly

image credit

Butterflies can be small in size but you can still admire the amazing details on the wings and how fascinating the colors are.

8. Black and Pink Morpho Butterfly

black and pink morpho butterfly

image credit

There are always people who like to see everything in pink. So we think, for them this pink and black butterfly is the most beautiful butterfly in the world.

9. Chromatic Fire Clipper Butterfly

image credit

Colorful butterflies like these in the picture really makes us admire how nature teaches us how colors can really blend together and look great with contrast!

10. Milkweed Rainbow Butterfly

image credit

If you ask us, what is the world’s prettiest butterfly? We still can’t answer that because even after looking at the most beautiful butterfly pictures, every butterfly is beautiful for its uniqueness and colors of wonder.

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Beautiful Butterflies In The World

  1. At least three of these are FAKE! Who the hell would make something like this showing ‘Nature’s beauty’ when one is edited, another looks like a 7 year old colored the butterfly in the rainbow, and then there’s one that’s not even a butterfly, -but a CRAFT butterfly. It doesn’t even have EYES!!
    The person who did this definitely needs to do more research before posting such fabricated garbage!

    1. I’m not sure which of these you think are FAKE, but there are over 17,000 species of butterflies all over the world. Who’s to say that many of these don’t actually exist, and come from other countries, not just the USA. And that this is how they ACTUALLY look.

      Have you been to other countries and seen how gorgeous many of these are??

      Do you know for an ACTUAL FACT that any of these are FAKE as you put it.

      Are you an EXPERT in butterflies?

      How positive are you that these have been edited?

      Maybe you were having an off day and decided to be extra specially rude. I hope your day got better after getting that snide comment off your chest.

      Let the rest of us enjoy such beauty.

  2. People! I don’t think that the first comment thinks that they are a butterfly expert and nether do I. Actually I’m a designer and I just wanted to practice drawing some butterflies but because the quality of the photos isn’t the best I google them and some colors don’t correspond to how the actual butterfly looks or the name doesn’t exists. Specially if you zoom in the last one you can notice that they painted over the photo of an actual butterfly because of the how edges look and that there aren’t matices, is plane color.

    My comment is not to stop anyone from enjoying the beauty of butterflies, I just think that is really sad that having such an amazing amount of butterflies in the world the writer was so lazy to look for real butterflies. Actually if you read this comment I hope that this encourages you to investigate a little about this beautiful creatures, find your favorite one/s in the world and maybe draw it 🙂

    Wish you happiness, selflove, hope and strength if you needed it
    PS: I draw the Dragon tail butterfly <3

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