Top 20 Most Beautiful Flowers In The Entire World

Flowers are the most beautiful essence of conveying your feelings, you can melt down any emotions with a bouquet of flowers. The beautiful colors and fragrance of flower lifts mood for everyone, it is a source of happiness, feeling of beauty, a symbol of happy occasions and a release of tension, stress and pain of soul.

Flowers are used in all the events from wedding to funeral, from birthday to annual party, from graduation to gift of love, because flower conveys special feelings without speaking. The language of flowers is known as floriography, the essence of flowers are used in perfumes and other beauty products. From a huge list of flower families, we have selected these 20 most beautiful flowers in the entire world because these are most used flowers in all occasions, Roses, Tulips, Orchids, Sunflowers… the most beautiful you will agree as well!

1. Rose


Photo Credit: Oregon Live

Rose is most loved in the world. It is available in a variety of combination with the packed petals and the green leaves. The red rose symbolizes love; yellow depicts friendship, purity, and peace. Pink stands for innocence and the first love.

2. Tulips


Photo Credit: Whole Food Market

The bulb shape of flowers is known as tulips. They are well known as beautiful flowers and is available in more than 109 species. The tulips are found in almost every color. They depict grace and elegance and symbolize forgiveness.

3. Orchids


Photo Credit: Orchid Society

Orchid is the most demanding and the beautiful flowers in the world. They are well known because of delicacy and are exotic. They have a geometrical shape and represent luxury, strength, beauty, and love.

4. Sunflower


Photo Credit: Proflowers

Sunflowers are mostly found in South America and Central America. These flowers have a unique combination and are mainly used for decoration and for providing food or oil. The sunflowers symbolize longevity, adoration, happiness, warmth and sun.

5. Lilies


Photo Credit: Dr. Odd

Lilies are the flowers which depict innocence. They are mostly used for funerals. They also symbolize sympathy, modesty, and purity. Lilies are also available in a variety of colors and always bring harmony to the receiver’s mind.

6. Daffodils


Photo Credit: Flower Expert

Daffodils are well known because of their golden colors. They are gorgeous in their shade and looks beautiful with the long stemmed. They bring hope and provides encouragement to people. There are several meanings attached with daffodils such as forthrightness, forgiveness, and honesty.

7. Lotus


Photo Credit: Lotus Green

Lotus carries significance in the main cultures. The flower symbolizes divinity, rebirth and is associated with beauty in Hindu culture. In Buddhism, Lotus flower enlightens the mind and is linked with the spiritual awakening.

8. Dahlia


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Dahlia is the unique flower. It is the national flower of Mexico. It has more than 30 species and available in beautiful hues of purple, white, red to bronze. It is grown in every season, throughout the year. The flowers represent elegance and dignity. It also symbolizes strong bond and commitment. It is often used in many decorations on various occasions.

9. Gladioli


Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Gladiola is found mainly in Europe, Mediterranean regions, and South Africa. The flower is available in different color and is tall at least 4 feet in height. They symbolize love and peace.

10. Carnations


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Carnations have always played their role in sympathy and representing good luck. They are not widely used in ceremonies decorations, but in Greek era, they were used for crowning purpose. They are available in a variety of colors.

11. Apple Blossom

Apple Blossom

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Apple blossoms are popular because of their fragrance. They denote love and are used for decoration in homes. They promote promise and symbolize the long life with great success.

12. Lilac


Photo Credit: Flower Meaning

The national flower of Hampshire is Lilac. The flower denotes emotions of sympathy, love, and youth. They also promote pride and confidence.

13. Peony


Photo Credit: American Meadows

It is the traditional flower which is used on many occasions in China. It symbolizes honor and richness. Peony flower has a great fragrance and is available in many colors. They symbolize luck and happy marriage.

14. Magnolia


Photo Credit: A2ua

It is a very different looking flower which has sepals instead of petals. The structure of the flower is beautiful and comes in various colors. They denote purity, good luck, and best health.

15. Lavender


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Lavender comes in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They represent luck, silence, and purity. They are sent for good luck, wisdom and wealth. The purple lavender symbolizes refinement, elegance, and royalty.

16. Proteas


Photo Credit: Starke

This flower is unique in shape and one of the oldest in the history. It started growing in the world 300 million years back. The flower is breathtaking in its appearance and denotes diversity, courage, and transformation.

17. Lisianthus


Photo Credit: Dontveter

It is the native flower of Mexico and Texas. It is ruffled and has delicate petals. It gives a resemblance to poppies and tulip flowers. They promote passionate desire and are gorgeous.

18. Freesia


Photo Credit: Perfume Shine

It is a brilliant color bell-shaped flower which denotes friendship, innocence, and grace, the flower has great fragrance and is sweet in smell.

19. Delphinium


Photo credit: American Meadows

The Delphinium is an exquisite flower which depicts loyalties. It symbolizes the attachment to a person and one of the ideal flower to symbolize success. They can be found in various colors, purple, blue and white.

20. Hydrangea


Photo credit: Handyman Magazine

This flower looks similar to the pom pom and is available in many colors. The flower is very radiant in colors. It stands for boastfulness and vanity.

Every flower is beautiful, but the above-listed flowers are worldwide famous and are available in beautiful variations. All of the flowers show care, love, sympathy and behaves as an appreciation. So do not forget to surprise your loved ones with these flowers.

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