Top 30 Native American Tattoos

The Native American culture dates back to a very ancient time. For those of you who are closely attached to it and have a cult following for this heritage, then the best way for you is to represent it via a tattoo. Further ahead you will find various designs that you can get imprinted very easily that will look absolutely stunning with a rich historical aura.

1. The historical Skull

The skull has been bejeweled with a Native American headdress. This is drawn on the side of the chest. A similar design would also look great on the forearm in a smaller size.

Indian Skull Tattoo on ribs

image credits

2. Tribal font

The image shows the word “Forgiveness” tattooed on the back. It is done in the native American yet tribal font. The font gives the feels of that era. Any word would look great in that font.

Ethnic Tribal font calligraphy tattoo

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3. Ethnic forearm

Designs like these are abstract and can be named variously. It has a very strong sense of history yet ethnicity. These styles look great when made on the forearm or on the calf of your leg. This man pulls it off with great style.

Ethnic men forearm tattoo

image credits

4. Maori design

This tattoo depicts the Maori ethnicity. Designs like these can be pulled off in a great manner. The appropriate place to get it made would be on the front of your chest or on the back near the shoulder blade.

Tribal Maori chest tattoo design

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5. The dream catcher

The dream catcher is a very popular design in the native american culture. This can be done in any manner as it has no particular design as such. It gives you a very modern yet historic touch.

black dreamcatcher tattoo on forearm

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6. Metallic Tattoos

Bright tattoos pop out well on any skin color. They can be made in various intricate designs in colors of black, gold and white.

Flash tribal tattoos on men forearm

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7. Feather string

The feather string design stands out popularly among girls. Girls opt for this historic Native American feather around their pelvic or on their backs covering their spinal cord.

traditional feather tattoo on waist

image credits

8. Linear Geometric Skull

This is a very artsy yet geometrical manner of depicting the cultural aura. Feathers, skulls or heavy head dress can be embedded in such patterns.

native american skull tattoo art

image credits

9. Eagle wings

This shows a great fusion of the eagle wings with Native American women. It depicts the message of freedom for women.

american tribal angel chest tattoo for men

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10. Wolf designs

The wolf has always been a very popular animal when we talk about Native American culture. The wolf can be embedded into any ethnic design to give it a different edge.

traditional tribal wolf tattoo on arm

image credits

11. The Snake

The snake design is also very popular among the native American culture. The historic aspect can be added to it by fashioning it with feathers and arrows.

american traditional vintage tattoo design for men

 image credits

12. Maze design

This design gives a very maze like feels. It also shows a being that depicts the ancient times.

tribal maze tattoo

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13. Native American Women Mural

This tattoo is unique and gives off a very Mural kind of a look. The Native American women staring in the fortune teller ball is a true representation of that era.

Native American Woman with galaxy crystal ball tattoo on chest

image credits

14. Tiny finger tattoos

The tiny finger tattoos are the cutest thing ever to get imprinted on your body. The eagle and arrow designs are the most popular among them.

tribal eagle and arrow inside fingers tattoo

image credits

15. Warrior with the tiger head dress

Tiger isn’t the native species of America but a fusion can be created to combine the fierceness of the tiger and the Native American warrior.

Black and grey native American warrior tattoo on forearm

image credits

16. The Headdress

The headdress plays a significant role in Native American culture as it represents ultimate bravery and power. This vibrant color design can be the pick for anyone.

native american indian war headdress tattoo on sleeve

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17. Flamboyant Armband

The delicate tribal armband tattoo can be wrapped around the biceps. Its vibrant colors and intricate design highlights the toned biceps.

american indian bracelet tattoo for men

image credits

18. Geometric Eagle

Elegant tattoo that can be emblazoned on any part of the body to flaunt rich culture of Native Americans.

indian american cultural eagle symbol tattoo

image credits

19. Native American Couple Tattoo

A native American tattoo illustrating love and intimacy.

native american couples in love tattoo design on chest

image credits

20. Traditional Arrows

Simple yet expressive tattoo can be imprinted on the arm.

five traditional american arrows tattoos on arm

image credits

21. Chief Arm Tattoo

Native America tribal chief with solemn but sincere look in his eyes.

native american warrior tattoo on arm

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22. Horrified Skull

The large horrific skull adorned with horns and feathers. Can look good on the back.

skull tattoo of native americans on chest

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23. Master and His Dogs

The art shows the long bond between the master and his dog. Looks best on the shoulder.

tribal native american ink tattoo on shoulder

image credits

24. Eagle and Man

Eagle has been a significant part of Native American culture that depicts leadership, power and strength. Innovative duo of eagle and man can be inscribed on any body part.

native american with eagle tattoo on shoulder

image credits

25. Teepee Design Tattoo

Teepee depicts the traditional tent that can be etched to add a classy look Historic Beauty.

hipster native american tattoo on arm

image credits

26. The Stare Tattoo

The feminine yet powerful stare of the warrior.

tattoo of Indian women on full sleeve

image credits

27. Historic Beauty

A historic beauty tattoo embellished with feathers and trendy ornaments.

tribal women sleeve tattoo design

image credits

28. Feather Feet Anklet

 Elegant tattoo that can be emblazoned on feet to flaunt rich culture of Native Americans.

traditional feather on foot tattoo

image credits

29. Wrist Tattoo

Inspirational pattern of Native American culture that can be added to the style statement.

best traditional wrist band tattoo design for men

image credits

30. Bull Skull

Skulls represent the soul of the beast and it is common on the tattoos of Native American.

native american cow skull tattoo on ribs for girls

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