Top 25 Easy Handmade Christmas Craft Ideas for Home Decorations

Christmas festival is the wonderful time of year, Every kid loves to celebrate it because it is everyone favorite Holiday. It is mainly about friends, family, feast, gifts, and Christmas decoration, At this great time, you can try out some of the amazing DIY hacks by yourself for the affordable Christmas decoration for your house.

We are providing the fabulous handmade Xmas craft ideas, Some of them are easy projects which can be created within an hour, so don’t waste time and start your own fun Christmas crafts today with these top easy to follow handmade Christmas Decoration images for decorating your Christmas Tree.

1. Snow Globe Cookie Jar


Photo Credit: Theresa Joy

Are you using the same old tin for the cookies then use it as a Snow Globe instead.

  • Use a tipped brush to make small white dots on the glass jar.
  • Fill the jar with snowballs cookies and place the small plastic animal in the globe.
  • Tie the gift lid with ribbon.

2. Bottle Cap Snowman


Photo Credit: one artsy mama

Get an impression of the picture to make the Bottlecap Snowman for kids. It is easy to make and are very cute.

3. DIY Snow Globe


Photo Credit: No Biggie

These tiny winter globes are filled with old fashioned light, bottle brush, glitter, and ribbon. Follow the tutorial now.

4. Santa Waterless Globes


Photo Credit: Tidy Mom

The supplies used for these snow globes are readily available at any store. You ca easily create these waterless Santa Globes within half an hour. It looks very great.

5. Ball ornaments


Photo Credit: Little Gray Fox

These ball ornaments are very cute. They are very simple to create and can be made in many variations.

6. Sequins Balls


Photo Credit: home design

You will have put the effort in creating the decorations. Create the sequins balls which are easy to make and are fun to design. You can also create these balls with the multiple colors.

7. Mirror Disco Ball


Photo Credit: CremedalaCraft

8. Hot Air Balloon


Photo Credit: Cheese Thief

The hot air balloon looks very creative and fancy. The process is easy to follow. Follow the tutorial for the adorable hot air balloon.

9. Ribbon Bows


Photo Credit: Country Living

10. Santa Hats


Photo Credit: Life and Style

The Santa Hats are so darn cute. You simply do not need to work a lot on these hats.

  • You can create the hats with the hard paper or Styrofoam cones.
  • Wrap it with red cloth and place the Jewels for decoration.
  • PomPom balls for poofy looks
  • Black ribbon for detailing

11. Rustic Snowflakes


Photo Credit: Landeelu

Rustic Snowflakes are the most beautiful crafts which are created by using pine needles, twine, felt, button stickers and twigs.

12. Cupcakes molds Christmas tree


Photo Credit: Blogspot

13. Snowball hangings


Photo Credit: not Martha

These snowball hangings are great and do not look regular ornaments. You have to be a little bit creative to create the Christmas home decoration which is surely exceptional.

14. Pillow Tie On


Photo Credit: Country Living

Try this easy and handy hack for Christmas. You just have to take a plain red pillow and tie it up with a white ribbon to give an original Christmas look. Add dry flowers for detailing.

15. Brush Trees


Photo Credit: Going home

16. Gold star


Photo Credit: Wonderful DIY

Now create the versatile craft with the straws. It is very fun and easy to create. It is a very affordable project. You can suspend it on your Christmas tree.

17. Glitter Vase


Photo Credit: As Mom sees it

The glitter vase is an innovative way to change the regular vessel into great ones.

  • Just tape the lines on the vase in a random pattern or It depends on your choice.
  • Now take a glitter spray which complements your decoration, and sprays it on your vase.
  • Let the spray dry for half an hour. Just take out the tape and new vase is ready.

18. Glittered Wine Bottles


Photo Credit: Jenny on spot

Revamp your Christmas decorations with the great glittered Wine bottles. You can recycle the wine bottles by adding a fantastic touch.

19. Puzzle deer


Photo Credit: What it’s worth

Now you can utilize your old puzzle pieces by creating the reindeer for the Christmas tree as a decoration. It is very easy to create. All you need is paint, eyeballs, ribbon and a small ball for the nose.

20. Paper cones


Photo Credit: How about Orange

These paper cones are the colorful and innovative addition to the Christmas tree. All you need is some skill and colorful papers to make these paper ice cream cones. Go to the link to find the tutorial.

21. Paper Snowflake


Photo Credit: Wiki How

These 3D dimensional snowflakes look beautiful when to hang on a wall or in a window. They look nice and take just minutes for the craft.

22. Glittered Light Bulb


Photo Credit: Blogspot

The Christmas light bulbs are easy to make by following simple steps. All you have to do is apply the glue to the bulbs and sprinkle the glitter on them. You can use glitter stickers to make the bulb look nicer.

23. Memories tree


Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

Now you ca showcase your memories with the arrangement on the evergreen Christmas tree. The photo ornaments are fantastic and can be hung with ribbons.

24. Twine Ball


Photo Credit: Thinking Closet

25. Hanging Keys


Photo Credit: Cute DIY projects

Save these great ideas for Christmas decorations and try them, It is undoubtedly great to recycle and utilize the things and decorate your house with homemade Xmas crafts, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas.

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