20 Mind-blowing Realistic Black & Red Trash Polka Tattoo Design Ideas

Initiated at Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Germany, trash polka tattoos are an aggressive yet amazingly high-quality style of protest, irrationality and provocation. Essentially, it is somewhat similar to fine art collages. Also, it combines realistic images with slanders, smudges, and kinetic designs that generate a discordant, chaotic look to the piece. It is significant to state that these tattoos are done in only two colors: red and black.

This style is a combination of:

Realism and trash; the nature and the abstract; technology and humanity; past, present, and future; opposites that they are trying to urge into a creative dance to harmony and rhythm in tune with the body

20 Trash Polka Tattoo Ideas

Have you ever found yourself short of trash polka tattoos? Well, we have got you covered. Keep reading!

Black & Red Chess Piece on Calf

black and red polka trash chess piece tattoo on calf

image credit

In this type of tattoo, the black chess piece is flawlessly combined with a red triangle. Moreover, the number of black spots produce a wonderful background for this remarkable composition.

Realistic Eye on Shoulder Blade

realistic big female eye polka trash tattoo on shoulder blade

image credit

The realism of this big eye (which is somewhat watery) inject excitement to the imagination. The effect of torn skin and black and red paints of trash polka design lead to the birth of such a masterwork.

Black and Red tattoo on Arm

black and red tattoo on full arm

image credit

This tattoo represents the imprinting of two types of watches which embodies the time, which is short-lived. The guitar makes the final touch in this pessimistic tattoo.

Half sleeve tattoo Sketch

Half sleeve Polka Trash tattoo Sketch

image credit

There are two elements in this tattoo. A clock along with a stranger. Who is the latter? This dark trash polka sketch suggests quite bad associations.

Military Tattoo Ideas on Arm

Grenade tattoo with trash polka technique

image credit

As the name induces, this tattoo comprises of a big grenade on the forearm which depicts an aggression and a potential threat. It may also represent your military past or be just a nice addition to your courageous appearance.

War Tattoo Sketch on Sleeve

Polka Trash War Tattoo on sleeve

image credit

This is rather a new version of war and it is found in this trash polka tattoo on the arm. The skull with a black tank perplexes immediately.

Realistic Trash Polka Back Piece

realistic back trash polka tattoo

image credit

This vast pattern is striking at a glance as it covers the full back representing fantastic, dark skull image.

Political Tattoo Design on Arm

Political trash polka tattoo on forearm

image credit

There is this scene of a city and a big gas mask with a red symbol of chaos is a good choice for a human rights activist.

Rose tattoo on forearm

Rose tattoo on forearm

image credit

An intense red rose is not only lovely flower, but it also reveals some significant ideas like love and purity. It is a wonderful basis for this trash polka tattoo.

Skull tattoos for women

Trash Polka Skull tattoos for women

image credit

Ultimately, this tattoo conglomerates two opposites – beautiful flowers and fearful skull. Usually, such trash polka pattern on the half back is a good option for adventurous women.

Flowers Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men

Trash Polka Flowers Chest Tattoo Ideas for Men

image credit

This type of a tattoo is basically a mix of a heart between two black roses in red outline. It exemplifies a remarkable picture on the man’s chest.

Trash polka style tattoo on the side

Trash polka tattoo on the side

image credit

The message of this trash polka tattoo is the ability to acknowledge life. Designed on the ribs, the clock is taken with owl not in vain, as this bird is a famous long-liver.

Chest Eagle Tattoo Design

Trash polka tattoo eagle on chest

image credit

Men generally regard the powerful symbol of an eagle. If you apply such respected bird, you show your independence and wish to be the winner.

Romantic tattoo with Names on forearm

Trash Polka Romantic tattoo with Names on forearm

image credit

The tattoos with a name belong to loved ones. The black arrow with a lettering “Name Of Your Loved” may denote the owner’s sweetheart or even unanswered love.

Abstract Tattoo Design on Legs

Trash Polka Tattoo Design on Legs

image credit

This design is so unique in its own fashion that it creates a wonderful picture. It only applies some black and red touches without any specific meaning. An abstract art to an extent.

Massive cross tattoo

trash polka cross tattoo design on upper sleeve

image credit

This tattoo really stands out as it begins on the chest and springs up to the thigh. The black wide streaks are applied in the form that resembles a huge cross.

Compass tattoo on the forearm

trash polka compass tattoo design on arm

image credit

The compass is a symbol of authenticity and truthfulness. The red spots of trash polka style add necessary brightness to this pattern.

Birds tattoo on ribs

trash polka black crows tattoo on ribs

image credit

Black birds often scare since as they are related with night and danger. This tattoo, which is generally crafted on the ribs, is not an exception.

Heart tattoo on compass chest piece

Heart on chest trash polka tattoo

image credit

This tattoo is designed on the chest with a heart on the compass. It is an option for ruthless men as they can opt for it.

Meaningful tattoo of heart

trash polka tree of life-birds-heart tattoo

image credit

This astonishing tattoo comes up with bright circular ornaments. It is presented on the leg. The tree with birds and heart indicate life.

Which trash polka tattoo do you admire the most?

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