Travel with Style: The Most Beautiful Destinations to Visit

There is nothing more exciting than planning a much-needed break abroad with your loved ones, which will provide you with an opportunity to relax, unwind, and de-stress. Yet, it can be disappointing when the destination you chose doesn’t live up to expectation.

Rather than taking any chances this year, you must research the most stunning places across the world for your next break away. To ensure you embark on the getaway of a lifetime, here are the most beautiful destinations to visit in 2019.

Paphos, Cyprus

If you are ready to fall in love with stunning views, exceptional cuisine, and historic landmarks, you would be smart to book a break to picturesque Paphos this summer.

The popular destination is not only steeped in history and offers mesmerizing sights, but it is full to the brim with many exceptional cafes and tavernas. Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of luxurious Cyprus villa holidays for your stay, which will complement the beautiful backdrop.

Also, as the whole city of Paphos is UNESCO listed, you will be surrounded by historic landmarks, such as the 16th century Agia Kyriaki Chrysopolitissa church and the 13th-century Paphos Castle.

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is one destination that couldn’t possibly disappoint when it comes to attractive views. Expect for your breath to be taken away when you set eyes on the picture-perfect mountain-rimmed lakes that have holidaymakers flocking to the Italian region.

You could spend many a day exploring Lake Como’s quaint villages or taking in the beauty of its glistening shores. Plus, you will be a short journey away from the fashionable city of Milan, which is well-regarded for its luxurious stores and exquisite architecture.

Vienna, Austria

If you are looking for a holiday filled with elegance and beauty, you must visit Vienna at least once in your lifetime. The city offers a beautiful combination of natural and modern living, as more than half of Vienna is comprised of stunning green spaces, such as 280 imperial parks and gardens.

You are also likely to fall in love with the Austrian capital’s imperial architecture and the delectable Viennese cuisine. Plus, you can guarantee you will never be bored, as you can explore more than 100 museums, such as:

  • Naturhistorisches Museum Vienna(natural history museum)
  • Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (art history Museum)
  • Leopold Museum
  • House of Music

Santorini, Greece

It is unlikely you will want to return home once you touch down in stunning Santorini, which could easily be viewed as one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Greece, which is some tough feat. The vibrant white buildings contrast perfectly with the flanking mountains, which will provide you with an Instagram-worthy snap.

Complementing the beautiful surroundings are the exceptional Greek dishes on offer, which are bursting with both colour and flavour. Plus, it is viewed as one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, so you don’t need to worry about piling on the pounds when treating yourself to fresh seafood, creamy goats cheese and capers.

Ibiza, Spain

One destination that never goes out of style is Ibiza. It will not be hard to see why once you arrive, either, as it is home to an extensive array of beautiful beaches, cool markets, and glorious sunshine during the summer months. You also will not be disappointed when it comes to the wide variety of restaurants, bars, iconic nightclubs, and cosy terraces.

However, while Ibiza might be widely regarded as a party island, there is much more to the destination, as it is ideal for both young and old, offering family-friendly beaches, historic landmarks, and stunning architecture.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

One hotspot you might not have considered is Dubrovnik, which is the crown jewel of Croatia. When you are not absorbing the southern city’s many spectacular views, you can indulge in delicious Croatian cuisines, such as grilled or barbecued fish and seafood, which can be complemented by locally produced white or red wines.

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, Dubrovnik is a must, as many scenes in Kings Landing were filmed in the beautiful city, which is due to the city’s striking medieval architecture. Plus, don’t be surprised if you spot one or more celebrities during your visit, as it is a popular destination for many A-list stars, such as Richard Gere, Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and the Duke of Windsor.

Joshua Tree, California, USA

Joshua Tree is rising in popularity with holidaymakers and for good reason. Since becoming the proud home of the most fashionable festival in the world, Coachella, travelers from across the globe are making their way to the unique national park.

You will feel as if you have stepped inside another world once you arrive, as it features ancient boulders and unusual trees.

While the national park can look beautiful by day, it is at night when the destination comes alive, as it will be impossible to forget the sunset illuminating the desert in a beautiful red hue. The sky will be filled an ombre of blue, purple, and pink shades that will take your breath away.

Cappadocia, Turkey

If you want to book a unique holiday in a beautiful destination, you will be glad you booked a trip to Cappadocia, which is a photographic paradise. Here you can step inside a hot air balloon to fly over dormant volcanoes, lush valleys, cave housing, and natural rock formations.

The unique landscape was developed from centuries of volcanic eruptions, wind and water erosion, and ancient civilizations forming housing in the landscape. In addition to a hot air balloon ride, you will also have an opportunity to explore underground cities and hiking trails. Plus, you could even spend the night in a cave, which will feature a bed, bathroom, and even Wi-Fi – so you can upload your stunning shots into the cloud or on your social media profiles at the end of an unforgettable day.

So, if you are looking for a fun-filled, fashionable location that will ensure you have a superb getaway alone or with your loved ones, the above beautiful destinations will not disappoint.

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