Top 20 Trendy Winter Fall Hair Colors For Girls 2016-17

Are you bored of your Hair Color? Then change your look according to the season because winter is here, Instead of changing your looks by getting rid of hair length, just try out the new fall season hair colors, With the new winter season 2016-2017, there are many hair trends for girls which will complete the look.

So, be beautiful, because everything in your appearance matters from accessories to clothing, makeup, handbags, glasses and hair color. Just do some experiment changing your natural hair color that matches your skin tone, try these winter hair color ideas to enhance your beauty and boosts your appearance.

Hair colors trends

To follow the trend of vibrant-bright color hair to become stylish in winter same as in summer, there are things which you need to take into consideration; the color, and style you want to carry. When it comes to dyeing, the recent winter trend is fading hair roots to dark brown and blonde hues, Following is the list of best 20 winter hair colors, from which you can select your favorite color to look cooler.

1. Raven Black


Photo Credit: Pinterest

This winter hue looks a bit moody but will surely win the hearts, if you will walk with this stunning hair color. This color is rich in tone and will stand out the appearance.

2. Creamy blonde


Photo Credit: Indulgy

Creamy blonde remains in trend in every season, the perfect blend of blonde and platinum color will surely enhance the look. In winter, the platinum shade is the best option.

3. Dark roots


Photo Credit: Daily Mail

The trend in winter is a bit different in coloring the hair. The roots will be more visible because of dark roots and light hair color, this trend will surely make you look different among other because of the striking style.

4. Highlights of honey color


Photo Credit: Pinterest

If your complexion is bit dark and your hair needs to be upgraded, this winter adds highlights of honey color. This will transform your look and gives you brighter accents and dimension.

5. Bronde


Photo Credit: Haircut Web

Bronde is one of the most famous hair colors in winter, this hue was in fashion last year as well. The color gives you soft hair blend and does not require much maintenance, the hair color is a combination of blonde and brunette.

6. Ribboned


Photo Credit: Pinterest

The ribboned highlights work efficiently for the natural wavy hair, it is one of the biggest trends for this winter 2016. The ribbon highlights are much of caramel shade with the blonde tones and the streak of bright color.

7. Lowlights


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Lowlights will be in this year winter trend only with the darker shades, the lowlights with dark shades recreate the features of your face. However, the strands of top head hair will be lighter than the color of low lights.

8. Frosted


Photo credit: Pinterest

You have to bleach the hair to get the frosted look. Your hair would be multi-colored with the dark and light shades of blonde and brown. The color sequence is perfect for the girls with short hair.

9. Balayage


Photo Credit: Stay Glam

Balayage refers to the term known as hair painting, It is the color which enhances the look. The shade looks natural and gives a great effect, the lovely blonde hue is a perfect choice.

10. Baby lights


Photo Credit: Topsy

The babylights in the shade of brown and are perfect for the teenagers. It will make you look younger with its super fine streaks and goes perfectly with every face shape.

11. Ombre


Photo Credit: Sonsa

Ombre is a French word which refers to shading. The darker shade of brown remains on the top of the head while the light shade stays at the lower ends, the color shading starts from the dark to very low till the end of the hair.

12. Sombre


Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sombre is similar to the ombre shading, but it gives a softer look and the shades used are cooler and darker.

13. Slicing


Photo Credit: Shazis

You might have never heard about the slicing tone, this is a technique of applying the highlights in a chopping way. The light blonde streaks are added in the depth of the hair and give a beautiful look on the hairdos.

14. Chunky


Photo Credit: Moretam

The most straightforward and bold looks can be achieved with the chunky highlights in the darker hues of brown, they give a sexy look and can be used in the same contrast.

15. Blonde Ombre


Photo Credit: Right Hairstyles

It is perfect for the ladies with the light hair, The color gets darker with every wash and leaving your hair with a fine and great look.

16. Bronde brown hue


Photo Credit: Pinterest

The bronde brown shade will surely complement every type of personality, it is perfect for the winters to give you a warm and calm look.

17. Deepred-brown hue


Photo credit: Pinterest

When it comes to winter, the red hue is always in trend. The warm reddish brown tone will surely capture the eye, the beach spectrum of color will grab the attention of people.

18. Chocolate Brunette


Photo Credit: Poonpo

The gorgeous brunette chocolate brown shade will enhance your appearance. You will surely look like a goddess, you will get a fine and beautifully look.

19. Dark Blonde


Photo Credit: Pinterest

This brown reddish blonde hue is added to the dictionary of beauty, the shade is very dynamic. The deeper strands are shaded with a red tone.

20. Brownish Blonde


Photo Credit: Hair Fashion

The brownish-blonde shade is much inspired from the vampire movies, it enhances the complexion and compliments the features of your face.

All above are the great shades and hues of brown hair colors which will surely standout for your appearance, so get your favorite wintery look now.

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