What Does Good Music Sound Like to You?

I think the generation growing up today has missed out on the power of words. I am not referring to being mindful of what comes out of our mouths. My intentions are not to encourage anyone to read more. I am simply referring to the power of great music.

fm music

It doesn’t matter which style is your favorite. Country, hip-hop, rock, even the blues and classic rock have the ability to create an emotion and feeling that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. Not only is music able to create and stir emotions within individuals, it has also been known to create movement among groups of people. Yes, there are times when these moments have had negative effects within our country. But, my fiancee and I are the positive examples of what music can create.

I had heard a few of their songs, but I wasn’t near as big of a fan of Thee Oh Sees as a few of my friends. When we heard they were going to be performing in our area, we wanted to be amongst the first to purchase tickets. This wasn’t going to be just another performance we’d attend. After the concert of Thee Oh Sees and Ho99o9 at Teragram we signed up to participate in a local food drive.

The opportunity to give back

Yes, I was excited to see the show, but having an opportunity to give back to the community I had grown up in had the majority of my attention. My off campus apartment quickly became known as a drop off place for people who wanted to contribute to the cause, but weren’t exactly fans of the music.

A couple of friends and I decided to start transporting all of the food we had been able to gather a couple of hours before the show began. After three trips in our small car back and forth from my place to the Taragram, we were able to unload the last of it as the show was starting. While we were unloading the last car load, Courtney, a volunteer with the drive began helping us unload all of the brown paper bags.

What started out as her joking about us robbing a grocery store turned into me skipping the show to help her keep track of all the donations. Once the excitement was over for the night, Courtney asked if I would be interested in getting a cup of coffee. The conversation that ended that night was picked up two days later when we met up for lunch, followed with a walk through a local park.

community donations

The gift that comes with giving

What started out as hanging out with friends to hear a couple of great bands ended up being a way for us to help out with the local community. By using the opportunity to lend a helping hand, I found the woman that I look forward to sharing the rest of my life with.

This didn’t happen by chance. It wasn’t simply a once in a lifetime event. It was people using the strength and value of lyrics for a good cause. It was a chance to share, an opportunity to be a part of something noble and, with the help of music, a love that lasts forever was created.

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