7 Elegant Stunning White Coffin Nail Design Ideas

Nails are also a part of your look, so why leave them out when dressing up? The new white coffin nails with design are a must-have shapes this season, they go with every occasion. Whether you are going to a party, wedding or an office meeting, they make you look elegant and stunning.

Coffin nails give a bold look and make you look stylish and trendy. They are very popular among celebrities. So, stay trendy and try a new look for your nails. Here are some of the best white coffin nail ideas that you must try this season:

1. Simple coffin nails:

If you love a simple yet elegant look, you must try this white coffin nail. All you need is white nail polish. There is no need to try complicated nail art looks to achieve this. And the best thing is that you do not need extra-long white coffin nails to try it. This is a classic and smooth look for your next party.

2. Ombre coffin nails:

Want to try something different this wedding season? Go for a marble nail design. Combine white and pink to achieve the perfect ombre nail art. You can also try it with different colors. This may look complicated, but it can easily be achieved with a bit of practice. It will perfectly complement your wedding dress.

3. White nails with stones:

Another way to add a bit of drama to your white coffin nails is by putting stones or crystals on it. Paint your nails white and put stones on some of your nails. Do not go over the top by putting them on each nail. You can create designs or put them in a line. You just have to be creative.

4. White nails with flowers:

Why not add flowers on white coffin nails? Flower nail art looks amazing on white-colored nails. You can try them on glossy or matte white coffin nails. Add a floral design on one nail and paint the rest with a matte or glossy white color. You can also use acrylic white coffin nails. This nail art is easy and achievable.

5. White and transparent nails:

Before you paint your whole nail in white, here is an idea to create a striking nail art design. Make a design or pattern by sticking tape on your nail and paint it white. Remove the tape once the nail polish dries and you have a transparent look.

6. White nails with Glitter:

If you want to add some spark in your nails, glitter is always the answer. Do you think your nails look a bit boring? Well, paint your nails white and add glitter to it. This will create a beautiful, sparkling white coffin nail.

7. White and golden coffin nails:

White and golden makes a lovely combination. Use this combination to create an elegant nail design. Paint your nails white and use gold nail art tape or nail polish to create stripes. You can also add golden jewelry to rock this look.

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