45 Inspiring Winter Tattoo Designs Ideas

Winter tattoos and patterns mean new trends for the new year. New tattoo designs and top best winter patterns will surely give you the inspiration to get best makeover. It is important to go with the mind-blowing tattoos with the start of new year. All of the crazy tattoo lovers and addicts will surely get an inspiration. We simply cannot deny the fact that fashion trends keep on changing every year because tattoo artists have introduced real and cool patterns for addicts. The styles have got more eye-catching and bolder, so get a sneak peek. Get to know amazing and top 20 best winter tattoo designs.

School tattoo patterns

It is well known as the popular tattoo style which depicts modernism and boldness. The patterns are colorful and nontraditional. However, the signs and symbols lying in this category consist of vampires, zombies, cartoon heroes and fantastic creatures. So take a glimpse at the crazy looking tattoo designs.

1. Amazing winter globe Tattoo

winter traditional snow globe tattoo

Picture Credit

2. Beautiful Globe tattoos

winter traditional snow globe tattoos on both thigh

Picture Credit

3. Traditional Cabin

winter american traditional log cabin tattoo

Picture Credit

4. Floral Triangle

floral rose tattoo with triangle

Picture Credit

5. Lovely snowflakes

winter colorful snowflake tattoos on shoulder

Picture Credit

6. Narnia Tattoos

winter lamp post narnia tattoo design

Picture Credit

7. Colorful Realistic Portrait

winter realistic portrait tattoo

Picture Tattoo

8. Lovely watercolor freeze winter Tree

fall winter season tree tattoo on sleeve

Picture Credit

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos are very interesting and everyone definitely loves it. It is basically the re-interpretation of school tattoos but with fewer details and much bright color. The neo-traditional tattoos include ships, compasses, anchors, hearts, roses, and mermaids. You will also see symbols and figures like tiger tattoos, sailors, and sugar skulls.

9. Winter autumn globe design

fall neo traditional globle tattoo

Picture Credit

10. Full Sleeve colorful tattoo

winter full sleeve fox rabbit tattoo sticker

Picture Credit

11. Neo-traditional owl tattoo

Neo-traditional owl tattoo

Picture Credit

12. Winter is coming

game of thrones tattoo wolf tattoo

Picture Credit

13. Howling deer in winter

old school neo traditional elk tattoo

Picture Credit

14. Winter deer girl

neo traditional female half sleeve tattoo

Picture Credit

15. Vivid winter diamond composition

winter mens psychedelic tattoo by David Cote

Picture Credit

16. Winter forest scene

winter scene tattoo

Picture Credit

17. Happy snowy weather

cold winter tattoo

Picture Credit

18. Let it Snow

winter tattoo Let it snow of Edward Scissorhands by Corona

Picture Credit

Minimalistic Winter tattoos

If you are getting a tattoo for the first time then it is best to try out minimalist winter tattoos of 2017-2018. They include tiny dots, flowers, and figure which gives it less dramatic look.

19. Cute wrist tattoo

cute pine tree wrist tattoo

Picture Credit

20. Beautiful winter flower tattoo

sexy ankle flower tattoos for women

Picture Credit

21. Winter mountains scenery

black and white winter mountains tree tattoo

Picture Credit

22. Freezing weather Geometric Circle tattoo

awesome winter nature geometric circle tattoo

Picture Credit

23. Simple mountains tattoo

mountain outline tattoo on ribs

Picture Credit

24. Winter Wolf

winter wolf tattoo on forearm

Picture Credit

25. Nature Winter Tattoo

3d unusual winter scene tattoo

Picture Credit

Blackwork patterns

Blackwork tattoos are very popular because of its amazing and mind-blowing designs. They surely carry an aesthetic meaning.

26. Inspiring snowflake tattoo

winter snowflakes tattoo on spine

Picture Credit

27. Snowflakes on spine pattern

snowflake tattoo patterns on spine

Picture Credit

28. Feel alive in Winter

blackwork mountains snowflake quote tattoo on ribs

Picture Credit

29. Best meaningful winter tattoo

winter mountain snowflakes skiing tattoo

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30. Creative Winter Tattoo Sketch

unique create landscape winter tattoo sketch

Picture Credit

31. Watercolor snowflake winter arm piece

watercolor snowflake tattoo for winter

Picture Credit

32. Magical Snowflakes

beautiful snowflakes tattoo for winter

Picture Credit

Dotwork winter patterns

Another trending styles and pattern introduced is dotwork tattooing. It is sort of some light version that looks stylish as well as impressive. It is complicated and definitely requires professionalism. Get a jaw-dropping dot-work winter tattoo.

33. Snowflake Tattoo

unique snowflake leg tattoo for snowy winter

Picture Credit

34. Pocahontas armband tattoo

Pocahontas armband tattoo

Picture Credit

35. Mountains armband winter style

winter mountains tattoo on arm

Picture Credit

36. Dark forest water reflection

dark forest armband tattoo

Picture Credit

37. Planets in winter

winter season crescent moon and sun earth tattoo design

Picture Credit

38. Winter lover

coordinates Skiing Snowboarding tattoo for winter

Picture Credit

39. Best snowflake image

winter snowflakes on back shoulder tattoo by Logan Shackelford

Picture Credit

40. Snowman tattoo

snowman tattoo

Picture Credit

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Watercolor Tattoos

If you are bored with minimalistic and black-white patterns then try out modern watercolor tattoos. You can combine various colors to get the desired look. This tattooing style depicts surrealism as well as impressionism. So, look flawless with these designs.

41. Winter landscape tattoo

Winter landscape tattoo

Picture Credit

42. Watercolor Snowflakes

snowflake tattoo watercolor ink

Picture Credit

43. Abstract Watercolor snowflake

watercolor snowflake tattoo on collarbone

Picture Credit

44. Unique and beautiful tattoo

snowflake tattoo on hip

Picture Credit

45. Snowflake patterns

watercolor snowflakes tattoo on rib cage

Picture credit

Are you ready to get one of the winter tattoos? You can also go through few of the Christmas Tattoos for more ideas for your winter holidays fun. Do not forget to mention your views in comments.

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