Wiz Khalifa Tattoo Designs Meaning with Pictures

If you are a teenager, you must definitely heard about the famous hip hop artist named Wiz Khalifa. He has numerous tattoo designs on his body that it is literally hard to count all of them. He is a big fan of tattoos as you can see the ink all over the abdominal part.

These tattoos join each other so closely that it is way too complicated to differentiate them. However, here we are to clear all your misconceptions about those mysterious tattoos. This famous artist has got way too many different tattoos than others, it has true meanings and way too sentimental feelings hidden behind the ink.

Chest Full Of Ink


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Well he has numerous tattoos on his chest. you will not be able to count them unless you are guided! The most mysterious tattoo is considered to be the “412”. However, it is basically the area code of Pittsburgh living in Pennsylvania.

The Hands

wiz-khalifa-hand-tattoo designs

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Well his hands are full of symbols of women, names, clouds and flame symbol.

Arm Ink


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His arm consists of many phrases which are related to his field as a source of motivation. You will be able to see “Live Now” which is surely for his field. The “W” indicates Washington whereas, “Belief” and “Self made” is for the motivation.

The Neck Ink


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Well his neck consists of many tattoos joining each other to make a big and immaculate tattoo. It consists of a Koi fish which means Carp in Japanese, a music symbol representing the love of music which also indicates that he is quite well at music. You may also be able to see a phrase “Faith”, wings and stars . the Wings are a sign of lady luck for his life and the stars represent good fortune.

The Rose Tattoo


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Everyone knows that Khalifa and Amber have been divorced, nevertheless he still has the tattoo of her name on his body as “Rose”.

The Right Eyebrow tattoo


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Well this tattoo is located right below the ending of the eyebrow. This is a symbolic tattoo of a star, the only tattoo on his face  as he wants his face to e cleared, whereas this tattoo is for protection and showing the path.

The Shark at the Back


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This is one of the most painful tattoo Khalifa had, as he explained it by himself. This shark plays a vital role in his life as, he claimed that he used to live in a very tough life whereas, now he is quite famous and has the support of quite many people. Shark indicates a very strong will and braveness to face any type of hardships.

The Main lower Abdominal


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This is a phrase which goes off with, “ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of controversy and challenge.”  This tattoo was designed when he willed to be a better person than who he was before. It was the source of motivation to make a change.

The Finger Mustache


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Well this tattoo is not much visible to the world as it is located in the inner side of the finger. Wiz Khalifa has a short mustache however, it might be just a matter of style.

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