World’s Narrowest House Design

Jakub Szczesny a Polish Architect has built the world’s narrowest house as a claim, which has a width of only 122 inches. The House is present in the Centre of Warsaw, A project called Kerreta House is in honor of the Israeli writer and Director Edgar Kerreta and will live here.

The House is built in Two-stories with Aluminum and Plastic– at narrowest point it is only 72 centimeters wide and at widest 122cm. Deep Structure of 10 meters between the two houses and height of 9 metres.

Ground Floor have a Kitchen, Toilet and shower with sewerage systems– wardrobes, table, sofa and armchairs. 2nd Floor have a double bed, desk and chair with no windows.

At first, it seems that the construction of the residential space within such territory is impossible, says architect Jakub Szczesny. House of Keret should not contradict this false assertion, while expanding the notion of an impossible architecture. it really is the narrowest House in the world.

We strongly believe that this will become a symbol of modern Warsaw, its complex history. Construction attracted the attention of the MEDIA from around the world. We hope that the House will show the most exciting side Kereta Warsaw, say the curators of the project of Polish contemporary art Fund.

The House will remain in place for at least two years, but eventually can stay forever. He has become the symbol of Warsaw and is already on the tourist map of landmarks in Warsaw, says the architect.

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