Funny Street Art by David Zinn

David Zinn an Artist from Ann Arbor America have been doing drawing since 1987, he has used chalk and paint on the silent streets to create a world with a fun, his sense of humor has made him draw a fictional character Sluggo similar to frog with unique spaced eyes. Sluggo is a charming green character to make a positive emotions on the streets of Ann Arbor.

Sluggo as seen funny is a visionary character by the artist which lives underground and makes his own passages around the tunnels, it appears out of ground on the streets with crowded people or in places with other character flying pink pig. Sluggo as hilarious as seen is getting popular that it is already loving character and soon will be seen in theaters, cartoon networks and in movies!

Check David Zinn Chalk Art and other Work At:

Trackbuilding Sluggo


Troll Gifting

Shoulda Put out a Sign

Conning the Leprechaun

Breaking out for a Beer

Past the Repast

Billiards on fifth Avenue

Dusk at Ingalls Mall

Birthday Surprise



Occupy your Imagination

Pulling the Spring Lever

No Diving

No Parking

Sluggo commits

Sidewalk Development

Sluggo’s Subway

To the Sluggos

Rain Researchers

al fresco con maiale


Sluggo bumps in the day

Pig Fishing with Beets

Entertaining the Dragephunt

Sluggo Breaks through Fridge Magnet

The Lazy Leaf-Raker

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