12 Bad Bunny Haircut Design & Style Pics

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, known by his stage name Bad Bunny, is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter. Throughout his career, Bad Bunny has collaborated with many famous artists such as J Balvin, Farruko, Jhay Cortez, and Daddy Yankee.

If not anything, this Puerto Rican singer is famous for his hairstyles, Bad Bunny takes self-expression very seriously. We all know buzz cut designs and shaved heads hairstyles, we’ve seen celebrities rock them like Nick Jonas or actresses like Kristen Stewart or Cara Delevingne but bad bunny takes buzz cuts to a whole new level. The engraved lines on his head portray a very funky vibe, he has these different lines and patterns that all showcase different parts of his mood. Men of every age from teenagers to adults can look stylish in these awesome haircuts. Here are 12 Bad Bunny Haircut Design & Hairstyles.

1. Simple Box Buzz Cut

bad bunny box buzz haircut design

image credit

This hairstyle of Bad Bunny is quite simple, something that anyone can recreate. It’s a buzz cut with a straight line on the forehead.

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2. Geometrical Triangle Buzz Cut

bad bunny buzz cut design

image credit

Bad Bunny was very bold with this pattern on his head. You can see arrows, triangles and lighting bolts on there, which caught the attention of many people.

3. Wavy Shaved Head

bad bunny wavy shaved haircut design

image credit

This hairstyle is quite simple for Bad Bunny but it goes very well with his dashing purple outfit.

4. Vivid Green Buzzed Hairline Cut

bad bunny green haircut design

image credit

This bold hairstyle suits Bad Bunny’s personality very much. This bright green with an arrow cut looks quite nice. 

5. Hook Shaped Butch Cut

bad bunny cool buzz cut design

image credit

A very effortless buzzed hook design.

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6. Zig Zag Pattern Brush Cut

bad bunny zig zag haircut design

image credit

This is a very creative brush cut style. It’s a zig-zag style that ends in a straight line.

7. Classy Military Cut

bad bunny military cut hairstyle

image credit

This is by far the best Bad Bunny has ever looked. This military cut is a little simple for him but it’s such an elegant cut. It’s so easy anyone could recreate it and it’ll look amazing.

8. Cornrows Man Buns Haircut 

bad bunny cornrows buns hairstyle

image credit

This fun hairstyle is just everything. Bad Bunny isn’t afraid to express himself. This hairstyle goes great with a beach theme and heart sunglasses.

9. Flashy Pink Crew Cut

bad bunny flashy pink hairstyle

image credit

This eye-catching bright red colour describes Bad Bunny perfectly. He’s the type to go all out and dye his hair this shade of red. It’s a feisty thing to do, but not for him!

10. Sharp Faded Arrow Cut

bad bunny faded haircut

image credit

This hairstyle kind of looks like Avatar Aang, but as long as it looks good, hey we don’t have a problem.

11. Beaded Deadlocks

bad bunny beaded deadlocks hairstyle

image credit

Bad Bunny is mostly seen with buzz cuts, but this hairstyle suits him well and we did it for his album debut.

12. Widow’s Peak Hairstyle

bad bunny widows peak hairstyle

image credit

Although he doesn’t have a prominent widow’s peak he still looks great a rough buzz and scurf.

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