social media

7 Most Famous Social Engineering Attacks In History

In a world where everyone is using a smart device, there are many tricks used by scammers to steal information. One of those methods is social engineering, a situation where a scammer ... Continue Reading →
cyber security

Unveil The Best of Online Cyber Security Courses

We live in a world where everything is available on the internet. The internet has gotten us all closer and provided us a vast array of opportunities that were unimaginable in the ... Continue Reading →
windows media players

The Best 7 Video Codecs for Windows

While Windows is able to play most digital music and video files, it could run it a file format which it may not be able to play, or you may need to run and older Windows version to ... Continue Reading →
mobile apps

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Mobile Retail App

As we become a nation glued to our smartphones, the opportunity for brands to create mobile apps is now growing. Mobile devices are playing an important role in how shoppers are engaging ... Continue Reading →
creative vape designs

7 Most Creative Vape Designs

The vaping industry amazes us not only with the quality of its products but also with the surprisingly stylish designs. The basic parts of all vapes are the same – a battery, an atomizer ... Continue Reading →
business event success

5 Tips to Help Turn Your Business Event into a Success

There are generally multiple purposes to a corporate event, such as the generation of potential leads, raising brand awareness and development of new partnerships. However, not every ... Continue Reading →
Ways to Communicate Digitally in the Workplace

5 Ways to Communicate Digitally in the Workplace

In the 21st century, the vast majority of our inter-workplace communications take place at our computers. The internet has revolutionized the way modern businesses communicate; it’s ... Continue Reading →

5 AWS Migration Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Many companies have taken the plunge to migrate to Amazon Web Services(AWS) for their cloud storage needs. These companies face problems ranging from tech support issues to security ... Continue Reading →

Overcoming The Challenges Of BYOD

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, workplaces are becoming more common as businesses look to reduce their technology budget and please employees who feel happiest using their own gadgets. ... Continue Reading →
Domain History

Domain History: The Most Popular Domains in the World

Back in the early days of the Internet, it was agreed that each country would be allocated its own space online, with a two-letter code indicating any given website’s location. Since ... Continue Reading →