20+ Beautiful Tiger Lily Flower Tattoo Design Ideas With Meaning

Tiger Lily is a beautiful flower that is found on the area where weather is humid, the flower got its name due to its beautiful pattern which looks like design on a tiger- that is orange with black spots. This beautiful flower is not directly related to lily but share its name due to its short lifespan, each tiger lily lasts only a day so people who adore this flower get it tattooed on their body so they can enjoy its beauty as long as they live.

Tiger lily tattoo is very popular among people who like to beautify themselves with flower tattoos. The beautiful orange and black contrast of tiger lily also appeals a lot of people to get this beautiful flower as a tattoo.

Tiger lily symbolizes wealth and riches. In some culture tiger lily is associated with pride and confidence. In other cultures around the world it signifies kindness and honor. The colors of tiger lily also represent energy, adventure and sense of balance. With so many good properties associated with this flower no wonder it is one of the most sought after tattoo designs.

Tiger lily tattoo is mostly loved by women as flower tattoos are delicate and elegant and enhance feminine beauty but tiger lily tattoo can be manly as well. In Greek mythology, lily flowers are a symbol of high sexuality and eroticism, and the pollens of flower symbolize fertility.

There are varieties of styles and designs one could choose to get a tiger lily flower tattoo. Tiger lily tattoos design are beautiful floral design that can be done on large scale as well as look beautiful when done as miniature piece. When done on large scale these tattoo look most beautiful on the narrow parts of the body like arms or thighs. You can add leaves or vines to enhance the beautiful bright colors of the tiger lily. If you want the tiger lily flower tattoo to be very detailed and large then you can get it on your back or shoulder.

Miniature tiger lily tattoos look very beautiful and artistic behind your ear, ankle or on your inner wrist. If you are a fond of tribal tattoos then you could get a tiger lily tattooed on your foot or arm drawn as tribal way of art, it will not only enhance the beauty of flower but also of the part of body on which it is tattooed.

Although flower tattoos are considered feminine but you can add some details to make it look manly for example get a tiger lily tattoo design with any animal such as tiger or bird or you can add skulls. Flower tattoos look beautiful when they are filled with vibrant colors. Watercolor tiger lily tattoo designs look very artistic and striking but just because it is flower tattoo doesn’t mean it has to be vibrant, you could also get a black and white tiger lily tattoo. This is unique but attractive design.

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While choosing a tiger lily tattoo design, don’t just choose simple straightforward flower design, though they are beautiful, but be creative because there are endless choices. Here are some beautiful tiger lily tattoo ideas for you:

Unique Flower with Colorful Bird Tattoo

tiger lily tattoo with colorful bird

Image Via

Beautiful Flower tattoo

big tiger lily flower tattoo

Image Via

Striking Budding flower tattoo Design

tiger lily tattoo on back shoulder

Image Via

Gorgeous Black and White Flower Tattoo on Side Stomach

black and grey tiger lily tattoo on ribs

Image Via

Detailed Sexy Lily flower Tattoo on Lower Back

lower back tiger lily tattoo for women

Image Via

Tiger Lily with Roaring Tiger Tattoo

tiger lily tattoo on back shoulder with tiger

Image Via

Attractive Tiger Lily flowers on Shoulder

orange tiger lily flowers on back shoulder

Image Via

Appealing Black Inked Flower Tattoo

black and white tiger lily flower tattoo

Image Via

Cute Flower Tattoo on Foot

tiger lily tattoo on foot

Image Via

Grey Inked Tiger Lily with Skull

black and grey tiger lily tattoo with skull and bones

Image Via

Realistic Tiger Lily flower tattoo with Butterfly

tiger lily flower tattoo with butterfly

Image Via

Tiger Lilies with Vine Tattoo on Side Torso

black and white tiger lily tattoo on side

Image Via

Artistic Watercolor Tiger Lily Tattoo on Thigh

watercolor tiger lily tattoo on thigh

Image Via

Beautiful Tiger Lily Flower Tattoos on Right Shoulder

beautiful tiger lily tattoos on right shoulder

Image Via

Yellow Tiger Lily with Dark Skull Tattoo on Arm

yellow tiger lily tattoo with dark skull

Image Via

Cute Miniature Flower Tattoo on Ankle

tiny tiger lily flower tattoo on ankle for women

Image Via

Tiger Lily flowers Tattoo with colorful Hummingbird

tiger lily flowers tattoo with colorful hummingbird on side

Image Via

Tribal Tiger Lily flowers and butterfly Tattoo

colorful tribal tiger lily flower tattoos with butterfly on side thigh

Image Via

Attractive Tiger Lily Duo Tattoo on Hip

grey tiger lily flowers tattoo on side thigh

Image Via

Adorable Small Tiger Lily Tattoo Behind Ear

small tiger lily tattoo on behind ear

Image Via

Gorgeous Colorful Tiger Lily Tattoo on Both Arm

Gorgeous Colorful Tiger Lily Tattoo on both arm

Image Via

Incredible Tiger Lily Tattoo on Foot

tiger lily tattoo design on foot

Image Via

Elegant Tiger Lily Tattoo with Tiger Prints on Background

elegant tiger lily flower tattoo with tiger prints on right shoulder

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