7 Beautiful Addison Rae Pics with No Makeup

Tik Tok is the most trending app in the world right now. People from all around the world use it to film many different things. The users are known as ‘Tik-tokers. One of them happens to be a famous star, with 78.9 million followers on tik tok, Addison Rae.

She is known for her dance moves, humor, and mostly her beauty. She became a fan favorite after only some time on tik tok. Her being such a prominent star on tik tok, made her open to criticism of all kinds, but she did not let those bring her down. People think that being a tik tok star is all about being perfect and put together, always wearing make-up and having on a complete outfit but Addison Rae shows those people how you can be famous by being yourself and being comfortable in your own skin.

As much as we love her all dolled up with a full face of glamorous makeup, there is nothing quite as refreshing as seeing her natural and makeup-free. Addison Rae without make-up is nothing, but gorgeous. Here are 7 Addison Rae no makeup pics or little Makeup to inspire your next make-up free day:

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1. Natural Looks Car Selfie

addison rae natural looks without makeup car selfie picture

image credit

In this picture. Addison can be seen going out somewhere in her car wearing a tik tok hoodie and no make-up. Yes! This is the kind of confidence everyone needs.

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2. A Breath-Taking Post-Shower Selfie

addison rae post shower without makeup selfie

image credit

Here Addison is fresh out of the shower in her pajamas and shows her bare skin without any make-up, leaving her freckles at full display. She displays a realistic picture of herself during nighttime, going to bed.

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3. Relaxed Pool Day Addison

addison rae fresh morning sunshine selfie

image credit

Rae being a natural beauty is hardly any news at all, but this summery sun-kissed morning picture takes no make-up face to a whole another level, especially that blonde hair with exposed roots says that being natural is really attractive.

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4. Chill Day Selfie At Home

addison rae car without makeup selfie at home

image credit

Addison isn’t afraid to keep things real with her fans. Here she shows herself at home in a basic white camisole top and poses for a selfie for the reminder that no make-up is still trendy.

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5. Pretty Mirror Selfie In No Makeup

addison rae mirror selfie

image credit

This gorgeous snap of the tik tok star left everyone stunned. Here she paired bold nails with wavy hair for a perfect the ‘gram picture with her ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

6. Close Up Natural Picture

addison rae close up mobile picture

image credit

She may look quite good in make-up but that does not mean Addison has any issue going without it every so often. “Clean face = self-care’, she captioned this cute selfie, which put her gorgeous skin and phenomenal brows on full display.

7. Addison Adorably Smiling Picture

cute addison rae smiling picture

image credit

In this picture she shows her fan that you can still be fun and outgoing without a face full of makeup. She portrays that she is not afraid of her fans seeing her exposed and that she is comfortable showing her bare face.


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